Blog | July 20, 2012

Don't Sell iPad-Based POS Without Watching This

By The Business Solutions Network

It's nearly impossible to open your copy of Business Solutions, or any other industry magazine, without reading something about mobile POS. Obviously a hot button topic, analysts predict strong growth in this technology segment. Some predict 80% of retailers will be looking to deploy a mobile POS solution within the next two years.

Why all the hype? Mobile POS -- whether leveraging a customer's cell phone in store, or arming store associates with iPads -- is all about improving the customer shopping experience. That said, I recently came across some information that I believe could negate the improved shopping experience for a significant segment of shoppers. So, before you build a mobile POS solution for your customers, make sure you're aware of this potential pitfall...

Check out this Webinar I refer to in the above video. Great stuff via the RSPA, featuring Stephen Bergeron, V.P. of Strategic Initiatives at APG Cash Drawer.