From The Editor | August 22, 2013

Don't Prolong Your Decision To Sell Cloud Backup

By The Business Solutions Network


The Business Solutions magazine article “Don’t Assume Your Salespeople Can Sell Cloud Backup,” stresses that your success as a subscription-based IT service provider hinges on your sales team.  In the article, Tiffani Bova, VP, distinguished analyst at Gartner, says only about 30 percent of salespeople will be able to make the transition from the type of selling they did with traditional IT sales and the type of consultative selling required for selling recurring revenue solutions and services.

Looking at the potential hurdles involved with selling cloud backup and other subscription-based IT services will cause some resellers to want to postpone their migration to managed services indefinitely. However, you need to consider that risk as well.

 “The important thing to remember is that many IT solutions and services are moving to the cloud at an accelerated speed. If channel partners don't take steps to modify their business models, they run the risk of being disintermediated as end users migrate to cloud services by going directly to vendors,” says Ken Sims, VP of business development at Axcient.

 With $35 billion of potential cloud-based IT revenue up for grabs (according to Gartner), VARs shouldn’t be too quick to prolong selling cloud backup and other recurring revenue services. There’s always pain involved with making business changes, but doing nothing almost always leads to more pain down the road. Your customers are already feeling the pressure of trying to comply with industry regulations and figuring out how to manage the complexity of having part of their IT infrastructures in-house and part in the cloud.  Now is a great time to join them in their struggles and help them and yourself in the process.