Magazine Article | May 16, 2014

Don't Miss The Next Big Thing In VMS

By The Business Solutions Network

This large managed services provider differentiates itself from competitors by integrating video management software (VMS) with alarm systems and physical security services.

It’s a well-established fact within the security industry that 98 percent of alarms are false. The downside of this statistic is that it can easily lull law enforcement into delaying responses to the 2 percent of alarms that are triggered by legitimate intruders/burglars. Interface Security Systems Holdings (Interface), which was ranked as the 7th largest security provider last year in SDM Magazine based on nonresidential installations, knows this statistic well. By integrating VMS with alarm systems and other physical security services, the MSP is turning the false alarm statistic on its head and reducing its customers’ alarm dispatch rate to just 2 percent, saving its customers thousands of dollars on false alarm fees. During my recent interview with Interface Executive Vice President, Chuck Moeling, he described how innovative security services are helping clients in new ways, and by following a few key steps and avoiding common pitfalls, other MSPs can benefit from selling these solutions, too.