Blog | July 12, 2012

Don't Dismiss Digital Signage Without Reading This

By The Business Solutions Network

In last week's video blog, I shared a story of me coming across some homemade digital signage in a local pizza shop. The encounter made me think that if the owner of this small pizzeria was thinking about digital signage, your customers probably are as well. Not enough to stir you?

Okay, if you're on the fence and need more compelling reasons to consider adding digital signage to your line card, check out what the following channel experts have to say:

“Interactive digital signage is out of its infancy and experiencing its first real growth spurt. With a clear, less-than-14-months ROI, it tops many retailers’ ‘must have’ lists.”  -- John Nicewick,  director strategic marketing and sales, Elo Touch

“Analyst group IHS iSuppli reports that growth in the worldwide digital signage and professional display market is set to rise a healthy 12.6 percent from 2011. According to Global Industry Analysts Inc., hospitality, retail, and QSR (quick service restaurant) are some of the markets with the largest potential for growth. Additionally, in 2012, the FDA is expected to require chain restaurants and retail food establishments with 20 or more locations to post calorie counts on their menus. By using digital signage, customers can easily update menus and calorie information without creating an entirely new stationary menu board.”  -- Bill Brennan, senior director of channel sales, Panasonic Solutions for Business

“Digital signage, as an extension of the POS system, is an opportunity that’s seemingly been overlooked by small retailers and their solutions providers. Not only is this an attractive and highly functional option for the merchant, when implemented with an all-in-one POS system it’s also an effective way for POS VARs to increase sales on both new and existing installations.”  -- Michael Gebb, president, SBS/Keystroke POS

“Digital signage is becoming a good way to enhance the customer’s experience with a retailer, healthcare facility, or even on an educational campus. This is also a good way to get into some verticals that you may not already be selling into if you become comfortable selling the technology. This gives you a good way to increase your reach into other verticals.”  -- Paul Constantine, president, ScanSource POS & Barcoding

I'll add one other "compelling reason" to the list of reasons you should be considering digital signage:  POS VARs have lamented shrinking hardware margins, increased competition, and face increasing threats around every corner. Unless you've given up, why wouldn't you leverage your customer relationships and start selling digital signage? The opportunities are out there. If you're looking to learn a little more, check out this article from the July issue of Business Solutions.