Blog | January 14, 2014

Ditch Your "Wait-And-See" Approach To Selling BDR In 4 Easy Steps

By The Business Solutions Network


Because the majority of my conversations are with VARs and MSPs that sell BDR (backup and disaster recovery) services, I sometimes have to remind myself that not all resellers are proactively selling BDR and/or experiencing great success. A recent study conducted by cloud backup vendor Intronis in conjunction with the 2112 Group and Business Solutions magazine revealed a very different picture: 44 percent of the more than 350 channel partners recently surveyed on this topic said they are not proactively selling BDR services to their clients. Instead, they are taking a wait-and-see approach to the problem.

After observing its top-selling MSP partners, Intronis identified four key areas where these partners drill down with their customers and prospects during the sales process. Here’s a highlight of the topics they discuss:

1. Reliability. Business owners should be educated on the risks associated with using only onsite storage, including the inevitable failure and potential loss of all data in the event of a natural disaster.

2. Cost. Businesses typically spend between several hundred and several thousand dollars on removable media (tape drives and hard drives), and they often use several tapes (at $25 to $50 a pop) to back up their information each week. When providers factor the costs of transportation and labor into the discussion, it helps to illustrate the value that cloud BDR solutions offer.

3. Ease of use. Complexity can be a deal breaker when it comes to selling technology, so solutions providers who can make BDR an easy proposition for their SMB clients will be more likely to succeed.

4. Data security. Cloud backup provides a virtually riskfree method for protecting important business information. Intronis, for example, uses a 256-bit encryption key to lock down all information and adds Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for extra protection during transmission over the Internet.