Blog | April 3, 2013

Cloud POS Fails When The Internet Cuts Out: Fact Or Fiction?

By The Business Solutions Network

BSM-Mobile Cloud POS

Today's topic comes to you complements of the many readers with whom our team has spoken that believe a downside of cloud-based POS is that if the Internet is down or the power goes out, a cloud-based POS system is dead in the water. While I can't speak for the many -- many -- cloud POS software solutions out there, I can safely say that the reputable ones have this figured out.

Subscribe to Business Solutions magazineLast week I was speaking with Jason Richelson, CEO of ShopKeep POS about this misconception and (after he shook his head in disbelief that VARs still thought this was an issue) he told me that his software has no issues when the Internet drops. When there are Internet connectivity problems, the software stores transactions locally until the Internet comes back up. Fairly simple and straightforward.

Of course, card processing will go down if the Internet cuts out, but that's a problem even traditional POS terminals have to deal with and solutions are available to help manage those occurrences too.

So, if you or your customers have been keeping cloud POS at arms length due to a misconception around Internet connectivity, know that it's a non-issue. In fact, some could argue that if the power goes out, a cloud POS solution running on a tablet could keep running while a traditional POS system not using a battery backup (tsk tsk for not upselling your customer a power management solution) would be the POS system that's dead in the water.