Magazine Article | October 13, 2015

Building An Exit Strategy

By The Business Solutions Network

Best practices to help you get the most for your company when it’s time to sell.

Whether you’re looking to retire or sell your business to start a new venture, at some point you have to starting thinking about your exit strategy. I’m not talking about your IRA, playing the stock market, or contributing to a 401k. All those things are great, but what I’m referring to is selling your business. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a handsome amount for the sale. If you’re like most solutions providers, you might be shocked to learn that your company isn’t worth what you think it should be. In fact, I’ve spoken to a number of VARs who would like nothing more than to retire, but they can’t find a buyer. Rather than just close their doors or sell at a low price to a competitor, they’re trapped into keeping the business running. This doesn’t have to be your reality.