Blog | September 18, 2012

Are You Ready For IP-Based Access Control?

By The Business Solutions Network

For a couple years now, we’ve been strongly advising IT VARs to take advantage of the opportunity to sell their clients IP video solutions, which are dropping in price and increasing in capabilities. In a time when the economy still shows signs of weakness, seeing such strong potential for you is exciting.

At last week's ASIS 2012 in Philadelphia, I had a conversation on IP-based security with executives at Lenel, a provider of software and hardware security solutions. During the conversation, the question of when access control would follow video surveillance and become a predominantly IP-based technology was posed.  After all, the transition from analog to IP affects not only video surveillance, but access control as well -- both technologies boil down to end points on a network.

The notion of integrating both access control and video surveillance on an IP network makes perfect sense for your customers. If you are going to properly secure a location, the cameras and ID card readers should be united into one system located on one secure network. Additionally, the integration of both systems gives your customers exciting new capabilities that can set your solutions apart from the competition. And yet, Joe Kirmser, president of Lenel, estimates that a low percentage (as in 10%-15%) of integrators are offering both video and access control solutions.

There's your opportunity! If you are a VAR or systems integrator who was progressive enough to have added IP video to your line card, access control is the next growth area you should pursue.

If you’ve been on the fence about adding IP video, consider adding access control at the same time. Both technologies run over the network and, in the end, will give you the opportunity to further differentiate and better serve your customers.

I'm happy to report that in my travels from booth to booth at ASIS, the phrase “IT VAR” was frequently heard. Many of the manufacturers in the security world have identified the unique value you can provide as an IT VAR/integrator and are eager to partner with you.

The security industry is ready for you. Are you ready to add IP-based security?