Blog | July 9, 2012

Are You Out Of The Loop About POS Trends?

By The Business Solutions Network

When I sat down to look over the mountain of great advice you’ll see in this Annual Guide To POS & Payment Processing, I got pretty excited. There’s obviously a lot happening technology-wise in the POS world, but reading the thoughtful actionable information contributed by so many industry leaders emphasized the fact that this is probably the most ambitious guide we’ve ever produced. All told, we asked 36 experts to provide their thoughts on how you can be most successful selling today’s POS technologies.

Which technologies? This year, we cover some tried-and-true (but ever-evolving) areas like All-In-One/POS systemsPOS printerspayment processing, and hospitality and retail POS software. However, we also focus on the latest and hottest topics such as digital signageIP camerasloyalty/mobile marketing, and mobile POS.

You won’t find the contributing experts plugging their own products or speaking in generalities. You will, however, find details on the latest technology trends, advice on how to sell those technologies, pitfalls to avoid, and -- if you happen to be on the fence -- sound reasoning for why you should consider selling each technology represented.

One of my favorite quotes in this guide came from Barry Wise, senior marketing consultant for Epson America, on the topic of why POS VARs should consider selling mobile POS solutions: “I guess the better question would be ‘How can VARs survive without selling this technology?’ It’s the fastest-growing trend in retail we’ve ever seen, and retailers are either currently installing it or working on plans to incorporate it into their stores. VARs need to take advantage of this truly unique time in retail POS. Those that do will be the real winners.” His mobile POS sentiment can be applied to many of the other technologies included in this guide as well.

With so much happening in this unique time, what was a “total” solution a couple years ago would now be found lacking. Never has there been a time so ripe for POS dealers to branch out and begin building today’s new, improved, and powerful version of a total solution. As the competitive landscape heats up and the very definition of point of sale changes, it’s going to become very clear to your customers and potential customers which POS dealer is offering total solutions and which is lagging behind in the past. Let this guide be either confirmation that your company is on the right track or the drill sergeant yelling in your ear to catch up to the rest of the pack!