Magazine Article | May 15, 2014

An MSP Uses RMM To "Exorcise" A Law Firm's Server Room

By The Business Solutions Network

An RMM (remote monitoring and management) tool solves a law firm’s unexplained server problem and earns this MSP a recurring revenue contract with multiple upsell opportunities.

Warren Hino has seen his share of IT abnormalities since starting a break-fix IT service company 10 years ago. Over the years, however, 80-hour workweeks and chaotic Mondays led Hino to investigate managed services in 2010, which he decided would be a more sustainable career option. Fast forward four years and Hino is thankful he made the move. “We’ve averaged 50 percent year-over-year revenue growth over the past four years, and it’s a much less stressful work environment for us and our customers,” he says.

Hino is so convinced that managed services is better than break-fix — for him and his clients — that he doesn’t make any exceptions for prospects who want to work with his company without a managed services contract. “We explain to reluctant prospects that our RMM tool is essential for keeping their servers up and running. Not only do we catch outages as they happen, such as a drop in Internet connectivity or power failures, we can also proactively respond to imminent failures such as a hard drive filling up or drive failures on a RAID system,” he says. “In fact, we’ve even used our RMM tool to help educate a law firm client who was convinced that the only possible explanation for frequent server failures was that its server room was haunted.”