Blog | November 29, 2012

An IT Editor Takes On An IP Video Camera

By The Business Solutions Network

VAR and integrator readers of Business Solutions magazine who are outside the video surveillance space often ask me how easy or difficult it is to install the latest IP video cameras. To answer the question, I requested a bunch of cameras from Axis Communications, who came through in a big way.

In this video, I start small and walk through everything from the unboxing to the installation of the Axis M1014 network camera. You can judge for yourself how easy or hard the installation is.

Two important notes: While I write for an IT magazine, I'm by no means an expert on any business technologies. I have some basic networking knowledge and no knowledge when it comes to IP cameras.

Second, there's a lot more to video surveillance than just getting a camera running. Indeed, selecting the correct camera for the right setting, configuring the camera properly, provisioning the network, and so on. Don't take this video as me suggesting anyone can do IP video. It's a science.