Blog | July 31, 2015

A Must-Have Tool For Every Retail & Restaurant IT VAR

By The Business Solutions Network

New Security Awareness Guidance

We’ve done plenty of surveys, formal and informal, to know that VARs don’t historically put much emphasis on PCI with customers. It seems like many choose to take the path of “the software I sell is PCI compliant — I think — so me and my customers are good.” That might be true for some, but it’s not true for all. While I can’t stress to you enough the importance of PCI compliance, I also can’t seem to convince some to make it a higher priority.

I know it’s an overwhelming topic and the PCI Council and card brands don’t make it easy by constantly making adjustments. Plus, what good is PCI when breaches continue to occur? And, you might be thinking that your small merchants aren’t a target of bad guys. Those excuses, while having a ring of truth to them, are weak.

There’s a new tool available that won’t just easily address the payment security of your customers, it can be used as a tool to differentiate yourself and possible win new business. In the July issue of Business Solutions, we included a small news blurb about a new PCI compliance module from Rapidfire Tools. According to the company, the module allows VARs to provide automatic assessments of their merchant’s payment environment. Lest you think this is a shameless plug, know that Rapidfire Tools does not currently do any advertising with us. I just believe in the concept of its product.  

You simply run the Network Detective module on a retailer’s network and you’ll have access to a NYC-phonebook-thick stack of reports including a PCI risk analysis, PCI management plan, evidence of PCI compliance, internal and external vulnerability worksheets, a PAN scan verification worksheet, PCI policy and procedures, and more. All said, running the module generates hundreds of pages of detail-rich — and fully brandable — information about your merchant’s security.

The software costs $2,500, but it can be used for all of your customers. You can choose to charge for the security scan or offer it as a value-add to customers. I look at $2,500 as a small investment to gain peace of mind for your customers. Plus, the resulting brandable documents will make you look like a true pro and potentially help you win new business. Let’s be honest here. Most VARs aren’t leading with PCI and security, despite the mainstream press consistently writing about breaches. You can use this tool to provide free assessments to prospects, illustrating that you care about security, and begin stealing market share. In short, this one tool is a must-have in my book. It’s a small investment that’s great for business.