Blog | March 22, 2012

A Marriage Of Cloud And IP Video Surveillance

By The Business Solutions Network

Earlier this week, IMS Research (the physical security industry’s go-to analyst firm), issued its forecast for video surveillance-as-a-service (VsaaS) or cloud-based video surveillance. The punch line of the report is that VsaaS is on pace to rapidly grow (IMS Research predicts that the world market could exceed $1 billion by 2014).

What interests me — and what should interest you — is that technology in the security world is catching up to other technologies from a cloud/-as-a-service perspective. According to the IMS Research report, “VSaaS solutions can include: self monitoring, real time alerts, integrated analytics, and off-site [hosted] storage.” These are all things that we’ve been covering in the pages of Business Solutions for years. These are topics/technologies/solutions that readers like you have been successfully selling for years.

Mike Monocello, our editor-in-chief, has written numerous articles on how readers like you are well-positioned to sell the latest IP-based video surveillance solutions. Well, add familiarity with the cloud, hosted storage, and managed services to the growing list of reasons why you should strongly consider selling IP video. Is it any wonder that many security vendors are now in full integrator recruitment mode? It seems like your potential to sell the technologies in this rapidly evolving industry increases every day.