Use Cases

  1. MSP Embraces Advanced Security Solution For Small Footprint, Ease Of Management

    If you’re in IT services, you can’t ignore security. Just ask James Edwards and Abe Varughese, founders of MSP Merit Technologies in Greenville, South Carolina, who started their company as a software provider. It didn’t take long after they launched the software business before customers started asking for other services, including networking, server maintenance and of course, security.

  2. Complete MSP Solution Opens Up New Revenue Streams And Proactive Managed Service Offering For MSP

    Entré Computer Solutions has been in business since 1983 and began as a “break/fix” IT services company. Recognizing the need for a more proactive way of managing IT environments, they developed a “Health Check” that enabled them to evaluate and head-off IT problems before they occurred.

  3. Enabling Smart Retail With IoT Cloud Intelligence

    The management of a retail chain involves many stores in different regions with many equipment units, a great number of commodities, a vast logistics and distribution network, huge cash flows and commercial promotions based on knowledge about consumer behaviors.

  4. Boost In-Store Purchases With Interactive Signage Solution

    The retail industry is undergoing a major transformation, changing how customers shop and how retailers run business. More and more retailers continue to invest in enhancing their operations by optimizing the personal experience of their customers.

  5. 3D Rewards Center Kiosk Keeps Retailers In Touch With Mall Shoppers

    Digital signage kiosks can be seen in many types of retail stores to provide shoppers with up-to-date information and the latest promotions. Kiosks with 3D advertising capabilities allow shoppers to print coupons of promotional offerings and they also gives brand marketers a chance to showcase their products.

  6. L’Oréal Reinvigorates Brand Image With Digital Signage

    The development of new digital signage technology and expansion of signage applications have transformed advertising methods in the retail industry. L’Oreal Group China set complete digitalization, including the expansion of online channels, implementation of digital marketing (i.e., advertisements on websites and social media), and introduction of digital signage digitalization strategy, as its development strategy. L’Oreal previously used traditional poster light boxes to promote its brand image.

  7. Enhancing Customer Experience With Rugged And Stylish Wayfinding Kiosks

    Located at Xiaomeisha beach, Xiaomeisha SeaWorld is one of the biggest aquariums and theme parks in China. The park has a total of eight buildings to exhibit various sea creatures from different habitats, and four theaters to watch performances of dolphins, sea lions, and many other sea animals. With the aim of providing a better visitor experience, the park installed interactive wayfinding kiosks in the eight exhibition buildings for visitors to view maps, look up show times, watch introduction videos, and find additional information.

  8. Flexible And Interactive POS Solution Deployed At Global Mall, Taiwan

    Global Mall is the largest and most well-known shopping mall chain in New Taipei City. With a total of six stores located around Taiwan, this undoubtedly successful shopping mall chain is committed to providing diverse and high-quality fashion, entertainment, and food services. In line with this commitment, Global Mall follows a business philosophy based on the concepts of “Customers First”, “Service”, “Innovation”, and “Efficiency”, and ceaselessly strives to improve service quality.

  9. Fanless POS System Enhances Service At Hamilton Island, Australia

    Hamilton Island, located in Queensland, Australia, is the largest inhabited island of the Whitsunday Islands. Like most in the Whitsunday group, Hamilton Island formed as sea levels rose, resulting in the creation of numerous “drowned” mountains near the east coast of Queensland. Hamilton Island is a popular tourist destination and the only island in the Great Barrier Reef with a commercial airport.

  10. Interactive POS System And Self-Service Kiosk For Globally Renowned Fast Food Restaurant Chain

    As a globally renowned fast food restaurant chain with a decades-long history of success and innovation, our client not only sells fried chicken and other fast food, but also provides customers with prompt and satisfying service, as well as a pleasant dining environment. However, the fast food industry is fiercely competitive, and being the second largest fast food brand in the world is not easy. In addition to maintaining customer satisfaction and increasing overall revenue, our client was looking for ways to enhance customer purchase opportunities.