Guest Contributors

  1. Developing The Next Generation Of Security Professionals

    Two-way communication is essential for leaders and their teams.Team members want to feel like they have a say in the direction of the team and how that relates to the overall direction of the company.Without two-way communications, the communications feel dictatorial and not team oriented. While some don’t care or want to understand the big picture, team members want to know they make a difference.

  2. Workplace Trends – The Way We Work Is Changing

    Looking at today’s workspaces, professional needs and workstyles are changing rapidly. We see certain trends affecting the professional work landscape, and their impact will only grow in coming years. The way we work today is both global and mobile. which has led to an overhaul of the traditional work environment. A change in workstyles requires a change in workspaces, which must become equally flexible while facilitating mobility, collaboration, idea-generation, and more.

  3. MDR-as-a-Service – Is It The Holy Grail As Some Say?

    Every few months it seems there is another wave of new ideas, and with it the need to sift out which are worth taking a closer look at versus those that are just hype. Security leaders must be careful in all ways, first and foremost as they listen to their teams, who will always be challenging them with new ideas and the latest cool ‘tool.’ And on the other side of the coin, they need to protect their business from technology that is not matched to the company’s risk factors. Either way, finding balance is key and is the right answer.

  4. Using Cloud-Based Services And Integrations To Win Business

    Cloud-based services are having a major impact on how resellers approach, interact with, and help clients. But how can resellers use cloud-based services to win more business?

  5. Empowering Your Sales Strategy With Customer Engagement Technology

    Today’s consumers expect the businesses they patronize to engage with them in meaningful ways. This new expectation has created a great demand for customer engagement tools, as well as the opportunity for resellers to educate business owners on them.

  6. How Your Merchants Can Make The Most Of Their Amusement Park POS System

    The amusement park industry is on the rise. According to a report by IBIS World, “There were 675 businesses in 2019 with a total revenue of $20 billion.” No matter the size, as a value added reseller, it is important that your customers who operate an amusement park have the right point-of-sale system to ensure their customers have an enjoyable experience. We tell you what characteristics to look for that will help them handle all of their operational needs in a seamless and efficient system.

  7. Finding the Right Fit For Your Merchants’ Jewelry Store POS System

    Jewelry stores derive their income from not only selling but also often servicing various types of jewelry. Such services might include engraving, cleaning and repairing jewelry. While some stores may specialize in a specific type of jewelry, most stores offer a variety of different styles. According to a Statista report, “Revenue in the jewelry segment amounts to $18.6 million in 2019 and is expected to grow annually by 0.9%.” We take a look at the factors that a value added reseller can help them look for in a point-of-sale system for their jewelry store.

  8. Cryptocurrency 101: Understanding This Potential Game Changer

    The evolution of payments goes back to the days of bartering and trading livestock to gold coins, paper currencies, credit cards, and mobile payments. It dates back thousands of years and will continue for thousands more. Cryptocurrency could be the latest game changer in the industry, but it’s still relatively unknown, with a cloud of mystery surrounding it. According to a Statista report done in 2018, “71 percent of adults had heard of Bitcoin (the most popular form of cryptocurrency), while 21 percent had never heard of any cryptocurrency.”

  9. Point-of-Sale Resellers Can Thrive By Driving Merchants To Become Omni-channel

    In this digital age, it is important for merchants and resellers to not only market their services with a brick and mortar operation, but online as well and across a multitude of platforms. This is called omni-channel. According to a survey by Aspect Software, businesses that adopt omni-channel strategies achieve 91% greater year-over-year customer retention rates compared to businesses that don’t. With this in mind, it’s vital to gain an understanding of what omni-channel can do for your merchants and how best to implement it for long-term success.

  10. Three Keys To Building A Sales Compensation Plan That Works

    Attracting and retaining talented sales reps requires a strategy for engaging and incentivizing them, but it must also make the most sense for your bottom line.