Storage Executive Commentary

  1. Riding The On-Premises-as-a-Service Wave

    Six ways service providers can better align their business model with today’s most in-demand data storage option.

  2. 7 Ways To Be Your Clients’ Safety Net

    If we’re being honest, completely removing security threats would probably take a return to pen and paper. However, you’d be losing out on a ridiculous amount of efficiency and visibility would be a thing of the past. Since your customers rely on mobile devices, cloud services, and automation, it’s up to you to find ways to reduce risks and minimize impact.

  3. How To Differentiate Your IT Solutions Company From Your Competition

    You may have heard — or even said yourself — your IT solutions company’s most important asset is its people. But that’s only part of the story. In fact, your people have little to do with why companies choose your firm over another.

  4. How MSPs Can Overcome Disaster Recovery Planning Objections

    Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are becoming increasingly vulnerable to security risks and data loss resulting from malware attacks, DDoS attacks, server failures, and natural disaster. Here’s why — many believe they are too small to be a target for cybercriminals; and/or will never experience a fire, flood, or other catastrophic incident.

  5. Thinking Outside The Box: Why Cloud Storage Services Are A Bad Fit For Managing Brand Assets

    The popularity of cloud-based storage and sharing tools has skyrocketed over the past five years. Businesses and consumers use Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox for sharing files, collaborating on documents, and coordinating projects in real time.

  6. Backup, Restore, And Disaster Recovery

    Before deciding on a backup technology there should be consideration made towards your business process and how it is impacted by a loss to compute capability. By Rich Rutkowski, Sale Point Data, LLC

  7. Can vNAS Take vSAN To The Next Level?

    vSAN (a virtual storage area network) has been around for almost three years now. When VMware introduced it, the company gave the ranks of storage array and software vendors a run for their money in the race to win customers who were looking for scale-out virtual storage. By Stefan Bernbo, founder and CEO, Compuverde

  8. What’s In Store For Storage In 2017

    By 2020, 10 million cars on the road are expected to have self-driving features, reflecting the continuing move toward an IoT-based world and advances in artificial intelligence (AI). Designing autonomous vehicles requires the ability to harness massive amounts of camera and sensor data, analyze it, and apply AI technology. By Molly Rector, VP of Global Marketing, Quantum

  9. 4 Data Trends That Will Keep BDR Top Of Mind For Customers

    Data loss or theft is a fact of life for organizations of all sizes. We’ve come to expect hardware failure or human error and criminals targeting smaller organizations that spend less of IT security and disaster recovery. But recently, foreign hackers and criminals have upped the game, conducting serious cyber-attacks and wreaking havoc on organizations and governments. By Matthew Held, CEO and Co-Founder, Manawa Networks and ASCII Group Member Since 2015

  10. What Does Enterprise IT Infrastructure Look Like In The IoT Age?

    It’s very much still the early stages, but make no mistake about it: the Internet of Things (IoT) will be a permanent, ubiquitous fixture within our everyday lives, providing us a new world of connected and intelligent devices. By Marcio Saito, CTO, Opengear