Industry Insights

  1. 2017 Outlook: Eight POS Trends To Watch

    Each new year brings changes, reaffirmation of trends and patterns, and new developments. In the retail and hospitality space, expect to see in 2017 a continuation of the trend toward mobility, cloud-based solutions and the emergence of Unified Commerce strategies. Some belt-tightening is also likely as these industries wade through economic and political uncertainties, particularly in Europe.

  2. Membership Has Its Privileges

    Lynn Souza, President and CEO of Connect Computer, has been an ASCII member for six years. Ask her why and she’ll tell you it’s because ASCII is a caring group that wants to help the industry. Furthermore, ASCII members helping each other ultimately results in individuals learning to help themselves. How is this possible? Souza answered this question and more when she took time to speak with me at the ASCII Success Summit held in October in Providence, RI.

  3. Leadership Is Recognizing You Serve The People You Lead

    Alan Weinberger founded The ASCII Group, a community of technical companies that install IT networks and full IT solutions in the business, government, and educational verticals, in 1984. At the time, there were 40 members, but ASCII now claims members in every U.S. state and throughout Canada. You no doubt already know the story of ASCII’s rise to nearly 1,500 members over the past 32 years. What you may not know, as Paul Harvey would say, is the rest of the story.

  4. The Unknown Truth About Self-Checkout

    If you’ve been through a self-checkout lane at a supermarket or department store, you’ve probably concluded that “self” is more aspiration than reality. Something always seems to go wrong, prompting the self-checkout machine to inform you an attendant is on the way to help.

  5. Fighting Counterfeit Bills In Retail This Holiday Season

    Retailers know this cold fact: Receive a counterfeiter bill, and you’re often stuck with it. Counterfeit bills cannot be exchanged for real currency, and trying to pass one off to someone else is illegal.

  6. Supermarket Managers Pressed For Time

    While nine of 10 US grocery store department managers in a recent survey said they love their jobs, many lamented “not having enough time” to do them effectively even though survey participants gave themselves high marks for time management.

  7. Get Ready For The Holiday Rush With This Restaurant Checklist!

    Before the start of the holiday shopping season, it seems everyone is making lists and checking them twice to make sure they don’t forget anything that can make the holidays more festive. Restaurateurs also need a plan to make the most of the holiday season and use the momentum they gain from the boost in business to begin a great New Year.

  8. How To Keep Up With Wants And Needs Of Generation Z Consumers

    Just when you finally had a handle on how to cater to baby boomers and millennials, Generation Z is debuting as an important demographic. These consumers born between approximately 1995 and 2010 comprise 25 percent of the U.S. population and pack a collective annual purchasing power of $44 billion.

  9. 5 Tips For Running A Retail Business Or Restaurant Like A Campaign

    This year’s presidential election gave us a lot to think about. Among all of the takeaways from this election year, there is a subtle, yet important one for merchants: you should be running a retail business or restaurant like a campaign.

  10. MSP Edition: Are You Smarter Than A Cybercriminal?

    The latest news about threats can't wait. To help you stay ahead of modern threats, we’ve compiled our observations on the cybersecurity landscape and malware trends throughout the last year, as well as insights on how to stay secure, in our Quarterly Threat Report.