Industry Insights

  1. 5 Questions Every Value Added Reseller Should Ask When Qualifying Leads

    Spending time on the right leads will increase your chances of success because you’re investing time and energy on the right people.

  2. 6 Ways To Sell Point Of Sale Systems

    The question for any reseller becomes, “What can be done to stand out from this crowded field?” There are six key areas where this can be achieved.

  3. 3 Surefire Ways Resellers Can Market Their Services Effectively

    Resellers need a solid approach that will quickly and simply explain what they can offer and how partnering with them can help a merchant grow.

  4. AWS, Microsoft Azure, Or Google: Which Is The Best Cloud Platform For Your Clients?

    Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google have been in a tight race to grab as many customers as they can. They have put a lot of money into developing new hardware, software and infrastructure. Find out who is leading the pack.

  5. The Office 365 Sales Enablement Toolkit

    We have put together a collection of resources to help you convince your customers to do business with you. Whether you would like to master your communication skills or learn how to encourage your clients to embrace Office 365, we have got you covered.

  6. How To Choose The Best Cloud Partner Program

    The market to resell cloud services is hotter than ever. While you might think you can build a decent cloud business on your own, that might not be the best approach. You would probably be better off joining forces with a trusted cloud provider. But, how do you go about choosing a reliable partner program? We have put together a quick guide that will help you navigate the pros and cons of each cloud partner program you come across.

  7. Tips For Successful ISV Relationships With Resellers

    Partnerships between POS ISVs and resellers provide mutual benefits: They help ISVs scale the distribution of their software solutions while opening opportunities for VARs to add value for their customers.

  8. Is Your Industry Veteran Status Jeopardizing Your Success?

    Being an experienced reseller has benefits — and challenges. A major challenge is trying to keep an open mind to learn about each customer’s needs. After visiting thousands of customers, it becomes difficult to not predict what a customer will need. But doing so, can result in missed sales opportunities. Discover a successful mindset for the veteran reseller that enables continued learning to uncover the needs of your customers in a quickly changing marketplace.

  9. Data Breach And Incident Response Plans: Don’t Be A Victim

    Data breaches happen all the time, and the chances are high that hackers are targeting your company.  Are you ready? Do you know what you need to do legally to protect your clients’ data?  Do you have a plan in place to investigate and, if necessary, report a data breach?

  10. TSP Sales Growth Starts With Ownership

    Douglass Miller is the CEO of Straightedge Technologies. Like many MSPs, he was frustrated with his sales results. He had very few net new clients and sales to existing clients was uneven. In two-three years, he has doubled the size of his MSP; attracting one net new MRR client a month and growing his sales to existing clients by 3-4X. What changed? Douglass did.