Industry Insights

  1. Loss Prevention And Other Benefits Of Intelligent Cash Drawers

    The retail cash drawer evolved from a basic wooden box with a bell to a metal box to a secure, intelligent device that keeps track of currency amounts by cashier and transaction and helps retailers improve their operations. One of the biggest benefits of intelligent drawers is loss prevention.

  2. CloudBerry And Amazon Web Services. A Comprehensive MSP Backup As A Service Solution

    Join CloudBerry & Amazon Web Services for a webinar where we discussed the combined solution for Backup-as-a-Service (plus a customer who tells his own story). 

  3. Joe Steele From Blackwater Business Partners Shares His Experience With CloudBerry Managed Backup

    Hear from Joe Steele with Blackwater Business Partners as he talks about his business' experience with the CloudBerry Managed Backup solution.

  4. Bradd From Gamma Tech Services shares His Experience With CloudBerry Managed Backup

    Bradd Konert, Owner/Founder of Gamma Tech Services shares his experience with CloudBerry Managed Backup.

  5. The MSP’s Guide To The Business Of Backup As A Service

    Providing Backup-as-a-Service is much more than just making backups and charging a monthly fee. For the MSP not offering it today, the jump to providing BaaS is as large as was going from break/fix to RMM: there are a lot of technical and business details to address before you start. 

  6. Batteries-As-A-Service: Power Your Way Into Unique, Mobile Managed Services

    Mobile device battery problems can be a huge detriment to operations. But, a unique new program — Batteries-as-a-Service (BaaS) — offers a comprehensive solution to battery problems while bolstering your client’s bottom line and positioning your company as an innovator.

  7. MSP Marketing: Mastering Technology Is Not Enough

    To run a successful IT company, you should pay specific attention to your marketing strategy and the means of attracting new leads to your business. In this article, we will review the main marketing spheres in which every MSP should be engaged.

  8. Sales Funnel For MSPs: Guide To Essentials

    If you’ve decided to start a managed service provider practice you may ask yourself: how do I sell my managed services to my prospects? You might be a very good technical specialist, but if you have no idea of how the sales process works it may be very difficult for you to bring your business to any significant level of profitability. According to a survey conducted by CloudBerry Lab in 2018, the most challenging aspect of the MSP business still is finding new clients and turning prospects into deals.

  9. Making Money With DNS Protection

    Take control of the internet and grow your bottom line.

  10. Leveraging Machine Learning to Differentiate Your Business

    Powerful, effective security solutions have become a necessity in today's threat landscape. But MSPs can ensure the tightest levels of security without tying up staff and draining profits. The current state of cybersecurity doesn’t have to be a liability. It can be an opportunity to drive revenue by providing additional essential security services to your clients.