Featured RSPA Content

  1. INSPIRE 2017: Connecting And Collaborating In St. Kitts

    Formally known as St. Christopher Island, St. Kitts is named for the patron saint of the most famous explorer to cross its shores, Christopher Columbus. The small island — a mere 18 miles long and 5 miles across — served as a stunning backdrop for INSPIRE 2017.

  2. The Reseller's Approach To Writing A Marketing Plan

    Making the decision to invest in marketing is a no-brainer for some, but for many small businesses, the choice between investing in business infrastructure or bonuses and running a marketing campaign can be difficult. By Greg Aiken, Partner Marketing Manager

  3. SMART Marketing Tactics For Small Biz

    Marketing can do a great job in helping you keep new business coming in and nurturing existing customer accounts. When you tie your marketing to growth in these accounts, future campaigns become smarter and your sales team is truly extended by your marketing efforts. By Brenda McCurry, Vice President, Merchandising

  4. RSPA President's Note - February 2017

    As our Executive Editor Amber was contemplating our 2017 content agenda, she kept coming back to the topics we most frequently hear our reseller members discuss, lament, ponder — how can they compete/differentiate themselves/have their message heard? It was then that we knew the topic we wanted to kick off the year with — marketing!

  5. Proof Of A Concept: Building Brand Awareness

    Marketing is truly the heart and soul of converting sales. With every marketing effort, you are working to sell a product or service and build a level of brand awareness for your company. By Brianna Moriarty, Marketing Communications Associate

  6. IoT Comes To Retail: An STS Technology Profile

    Today we are living in a data-driven retail world. A world where a network of physical objects, such as devices, vehicles, buildings, etc, can be embedded with technology that enables them to communicate, collect and exchange data. By Vanessa Foden with Kevin Kogler

  7. How To Measure The Success Of Your Marketing Campaign

    When you founded your reseller business, you built it knowing you could provide great solutions and services. If you are like most VARs, you probably didn’t do it because you’re an expert in marketing. By Jason Firment, Director of VARCOM and POS Vertical

  8. Follow These Steps To Generate Great Content That Keeps Readers Coming Back

    Have you ever been reading an article, whether in a magazine or online about a competitor’s business and thought, “Why didn’t I think to write that?” Unfortunately, great content doesn’t come easy, or naturally, to most. It’s more than just writing a blog for your website or pushing out a Tweet or LinkedIn post. By Jennifer Clark

  9. Creating A Successful Event To Showcase Your Business

    Are you a small to mid-size company with a limited budget for events? Need to select the best option to introduce a new product or service to your customers? Need a demo that sales can show to prospects? Let’s face it, an event can make or break a customer’s experience and particularly your budget, so here are some handy planning tips and a variety of event options to kick start your next debut. By Toshiba Marketing

  10. Crafting The Right Social Media Strategy

    When you think of social media, what comes to mind? Teenagers taking selfies? Sounding boards for customer complaints? Forums for celebrities to share their latest endorsements? What about a platform for engagement, sales development, lead generation and distributing company products and information? If the latter was not part of your initial definition of social media, then keep reading. By Jennifer Clark, Content Strategist