White Papers & Case Studies

  1. Bay Cities Bank Saves Time, Money And Space With iSynergy
    At the corporate office of Bay Cities Bank in Tampa, Florida, storage space was becoming an issue.
  2. Syncing People, Paper And Processes With ECM And Workflow

    Paper has been a part of everyday business for a long time. Purchase orders, invoices, contracts, and more are generated on a daily basis as a part of key business processes. As companies look for ways to increase productivity and trim budgets, the widespread use of paper has been scrutinized.

  3. Saint Michael’s Medical Center Saves Big With eForms

    Converting printed medical forms to electronic streamlined admissions, improved recordkeeping efficiency, and reduced print-related costs by nearly $100,000 in one year at St. Michael’s Medical Center. By DB Technology

  4. A Fortune 500 Manufacturer Defines Their Workflow & Ditches Microfiche
    For a manufacturer of home storage and organization products that are found in most closets across the country, one may be surprised to learn that all documents for such a successful operation were stored on--brace yourself--microfiche.
  5. The Consequences Of Failed ECM Implementation
    IT projects are notorious for having low success rates without proper project management. Some of the best software products in the world have failed to meet clients' expectations because the salesperson set unrealistic expectancies or the implementation time was shortened in order to meet a magic budget number.
  6. Key Considerations For WFM/ERP Integration With Time Clocks

    The assumption that your workforce is your largest controllable expense is certainly overstated, yet almost as certainly true.

  7. Insurance Group Modernizes Business Correspondence Through Cloud Content Migration
    Rhineland Insurance Group solved several forms processing challenges by integrating a solution to encompass form design, processing, and web-based repository services.
  8. Document Retrieval Is Covered At Mountaineer Insurance Group
    A document management solution at Mountaineer Insurance Group has dramatically reduced policy processing time, saving more than five hours each day and boosting customer loyalty through improved customer service as well.
  9. Sitrof Part 11 Compliant Content Migration Solutions

    There are nearly as many reasons for life sciences companies to perform content management system migrations as there are life sciences companies. One could be the desire to switch to a less expensive document management solution. By Sitrof

  10. Speed Your Healthcare Revenue Cycle With A Check2Bank Solution
    Spectrum Health, a large not-for-profit health system in West Michigan, was averaging 35,000 patient and health insurance check payments per month. What was once a cumbersome manual process has now been automated using an integrated high-tech imaging, character recognition, and remote deposit solution.