White Papers & Case Studies

  1. Paperless Processes Save County Court System

    Genesee County faced a great number of challenges that prompted it to investigate an electronic document management solution. Chief among them was the physical movement, flow and processing of documents. By Beverly Lyons, ImageSoft, Inc.

  2. You Can Enhance Patient Care By Automating Paper-Based Processes

    Discover how St John Health Systems, one of the largest and most respected healthcare providers in Oklahoma, was able to automate and streamline its manual, paper based processes to better manage costs and drive improved patient care. 

  3. Shared Services In AP/AR Yields 6-Month ROI

    Seeking to consolidate its multisite advertising databases, Paxton Media Group initiated a process to improve both its accounts receivable and accounts payable processing through the use of new shared services technology. This case study illustrates how the group achieved an impressive 6-month ROI.

  4. Mission Green: Creating The Environmentally Friendly Work Place

    With the trends of today’s green initiative, society as a whole is continually becoming more environmentally conscious not only at home but also in the workplace. 

  5. A2iA's Recognition Technology For Streamlined BPO And Service Bureau Operations

    For BPOs and Service Bureaus, success can be measured on the ability to satisfy the needs of customers while generating revenue through processes where there is visible return on investment. 

  6. 15 Minute Guide To Documentum D2
    As an enterprise professional with strategic responsibilities, time is your most precious commodity. When you want information, you want it fast and you want it concise.
  7. Private NJ School Reduces TCO By Implementing More Effective Printing Solutions
    A New Jersey private school saves a substantial amount of money by introducing the OKI's B400 Series printers for dedicated monochrome printing, and by eliminating unnecessary color inkjets. By OKI Data Americas
  8. Document Management Conversions
    Over the last few years, the document management industry has seen a significant amount of consolidation and solution turnover.
  9. Determining Business Needs

    In order for an organization to properly implement and utilize a document management solution, it must understand the why behind the potential purchase. In many cases, an organization will task an employee for identifying and cataloging multiple document management vendors without understanding the overall need or push for this type of solution. It is imperative that the business answer questions before moving forward with the overall selection of vendors.

  10. Industry Standards For Document Management And Workflow
    Industry standards for document management and workflow are consistently evolving based upon the moving product offerings.