BlueStar is the leading global distributor of solutions-based Digital Identification, Mobility, Point-of-Sale, RFID, Digital Signage, Network Infrastructure, and Security technology. BlueStar works exclusively with value-added resellers, providing them with complete solutions, business development and marketing support. The company brings unequaled expertise to the market, offers award-winning technical support and is an authorized service center for a growing number of manufacturers. BlueStar is the exclusive distributor for the In-a-Box Solutions Series, delivering hardware, software and critical accessories in one bundle with technology solutions across all verticals.


  • 4 Ways to Overcome End-User Resistance To Adopting RFID
    4 Ways to Overcome End-User Resistance To Adopting RFID

    Radio frequency identification (RFID) isn’t new, but it’s still a new application for many different verticals across the channel. While some businesses have been eager and interested to adopt the technology, it has overall been a difficult sell for many other end-users.

  • 6 Reasons To Start Selling Networking Solutions Tomorrow
    6 Reasons To Start Selling Networking Solutions Tomorrow

    Every successful executive knows you have to keep up with the trends, your competitors, and the shifts happening within your industry to remain competitive. This is especially true of companies selling technology solutions, as our industry is driven by change and innovation. As you work to learn and become knowledgeable about emerging technologies, new integrators are entering the space and competing for your customers. To this point, it’s critical for VARs to continually add complimentary products and services to their offering.

  • RFID: Why It Matters For Business Growth
    RFID: Why It Matters For Business Growth

    Forty years ago, barcode scanning revolutionized retail and logistics. Today, a new technology is transforming the way business handles inventory, merchandise—and people. It’s RFID, and it represents enormous potential benefits for you and your customers.

  • Selling Recurring Media: A Guide To Growing Profits
    Selling Recurring Media: A Guide To Growing Profits

    Every business student knows about the ‘blade and razor’ model—the idea that when you’re selling razors, you can just about give away the handle because you make your real money on the blades. In the world of business technology, it’s not quite that simple… but it is true that you can make more money and serve your customers better by focusing on consumables.

  • 13 Ideas For Marketing With A Limited Budget
    13 Ideas For Marketing With A Limited Budget

    Marketing is Awesome! How Do I Pay for It? You could fill your office wall with inspirational quotes about how important marketing is – but no one needs to sell you on the idea that marketing matters. You know it works, you know you need it, and you’d like to have more of it. Too bad your marketing budget isn’t what it should be.

  • 10 Tips For Digital Media Marketing

    Potential business prospects and clients are everywhere, and VARs must always be prepared to engage and capture their atten- tion. VARs possess a vast knowledge of the products they sell, in- vest in deep relationships with the vendors who they support, and strong inventory levels with a distribution partner. With all of that lined up and ready to be utilized by an end-user, it may seem like VARs have everything needed to support each customer.

  • What Is A Smart City, And Why Should I Care?

    The technology world is full of buzzwords, and our channel is no exception to this rule. As soon as one term becomes demystified, two more spring up in its place. Just when you thought you understood what the Internet of Things is and how it could impact your business, the term ‘smart city’ starts getting kicked around.

  • The Benefits And Challenges Of mPOS

    While few would question that mobile POS is an inevitable future for POS systems in an increasingly wireless and IoT-friendly world, actual adoption of the technology has been behind expectations. A recent study by HP indicates that only three percent of enterprise merchants have fully signed on to mPOS deployment, but 86 percent are planning or piloting the technology. Customers looking for replicated online experiences in brick-and-mortar stores will eventually push retailers to get on board, but not before they grapple with the challenges and embrace the possibilities of mPOS solutions.

  • Telehealth: Top 3 Trends For 2019

    Telehealth and telemedicine have brought a lot of opportunity to the table, or better yet, your device screens, in the past year. From enabling clinicians to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients remotely all in convenient time frames, the need for WebMD and waiting in line at germ-infested waiting rooms is no longer prevalent. Expanding on this basis, these solutions are also benefitting those who perhaps don’t have access to their local primary health practice or pediatrician. Looking into the new year, here’s what people can expect to receive in the Telehealth market.

  • Scariest Cyberthreats Within The Payments Industry

    Unfortunately, most hackers inhabit the payment processing industry. Ironically so, as consumers grow more digitally accepting as a community, hackers and viruses evolve as well. Though these cyberthreats can be terrifying, security experts have trademarked dozens of anti-virus packages and sound loopholes to help consumers out of these damaging and perhaps even life-threatening situations.

  • How VARs Can Compete With Free POS Systems

    Today’s POS resellers have had some unexpected hurdles to jump in the past few years, to compete with a multitude of free POS models and peripherals have appeared. These free models have their drawbacks, but end-users are still seizing the opportunity to get their hands on free software or hardware bundles, cutting into your profits as a reseller. How to compete against this model has been a crucial discussion in the channel recently, and being armed with knowledge about these “free” models can be the first step.

  • Pros & Cons Of Digital Wallets & What It Means For VARs

    As millennials continue to drive the overall percentage in mobile device usage, it has become clearly evident just how important these smart phones have become. More than just phone calls, text messages and social media, users are able to make purchases from their own digital wallets embedded into their phones. One’s mobile wallet electronically manages payments and other activities that would typically be handled by physical plastic cards. A tap or a scan across the retailer’s payment terminal will finalize one’s transaction and it’s as simple as that.

  • 4 Tips For Leading Your Sales Team

    Whether you identify as an ISV or VAR, you’ll come to find that the growth of your business can be a double ended sword. Though your business may be collecting a following and sales are picking up swiftly, there’s also a fear in that impaling you as you get started. No matter what your size, growth can resemble a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be like that all the time. Follow these 4 steps for guiding your sales staff down the right direction, if chaos were to ever strike.

  • 3 Digital Marketing Challenges For Technology Resellers

    Technology resellers handle hundreds of disruptions throughout the daily workflow. From internal to external pushbacks, there is a lot that can go awry for VARs. It’s best to analyze the categories of technology through which vendors need to focus on when it comes to channel partner training. Studies show Data Management, Vision & Capabilities and Proof of ROI are some of the most common digital marketing challenges, that can be combatted and perfected in the future.