From The Editor | November 8, 2010

Zenith Hits ConnectWise With Next-Gen Business Continuity Solution

Webinar: Cloud 101

By Gennifer Biggs, security, storage, and managed services editor

Just prior to the kickoff of ConnectWise IT Nation in Orlando, I joined Maurice Saluan to hear the details of Zenith Infotech's next-gen business continuity solution, slated for release to its partners in December and GA soon after that.

Maurice explains that when Zenith calls this product, MirrorCloud, a "next-gen" business continuity tool, it doesn't mean there are just cool new tech features. Rather, the vendor has completely overhauled its BDR architecture, and now utilizes RAIN (redundant array of inexpensive nodes) and bitspread technology, which spreads you customer's data over those nodes for better redundancy.

"The two issues with backup are usually fault tolerance and issues with the RAID controllers, so this addresses those issues by spreading the data over multiple disks and nodes," explains Salaun. Then, he adds, bitspread technology, which disperses data across nodes and hard drives, helps further harden the system. "The combo of RAIN and bitspread lowers the also increases the security of these systems."

The new offering is available in 2TB base unit that can scale with that addition of 3TB units as needed, plus there is the availability of a CPU node that allows for more intelligent BDR when a customer needs it. Saluan says he completely understands that partners often hear "next-gen" and to prove its point, Zenith is offering 30 day evaluations of the new product. "When we say next generation, we don't mean just new bells and whistles, we mean an entirely new architecture."