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Your #1 Source for Expanding Your Recurring-Revenue Practice

Source: ConnectWise
It’s Time To Sell “as-a-Service” To Government Agencies

Adding to your service offering and setting up monthly recurring revenue can be a major change for your business. But you don’t have to do it alone! Based on more than 30 years of experience, the new Ultimate Guide to As-A-Service is designed to help you navigate the path to your definition of success. We’ve rolled 9 chapters into a comprehensive guide filled with time-tested best practices that cover all of the essentials, and then some. Learn how to create an agile business plan that will help you grow your profit. Gain the know-how you need to start new practices areas, like cloud services, and market them to your ideal buyer.

When you download this guide, you’ll learn what to expect along the way, and will feel more confident about maximizing your business’s potential. Get the new As-a-Service Guide 5,000 technology companies trust today.

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