News Feature | October 6, 2015

Your Healthcare IT Clients Can Use IoT Solutions Today

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Your Healthcare IT Clients Can Use IoT Solutions Today

Are you wondering if any of your clients (or their competition) have deployed Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in their businesses?

Primex Wireless would tell you the answer is yes. The company’s OneVue platform simplifies the implementation and management of wireless temperature monitoring and helps protect inventories, reduce spoilage, and maintain compliance by providing a turnkey option for monitoring refrigerated medications in retail pharmacies.

The platform also can be used in areas such as labs, patient areas, data centers, and cafeterias. It can be used to monitor indoor air temperature and humidity and ambient air pressure in facilities including operating rooms, isolation areas, and construction zones.

OneVue’s web-based application has been designed to accommodate mobile users. Users can access OneVue from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC to check conditions, respond to alerts and configure settings, reports or other system parameters.

Watch for more opportunities to help your healthcare IT clients benefit from the IoT. Lockheed Martin recently launched a healthcare technology alliance with a goal of developing IoT solutions for the market. HIT Consultant reports the alliance — with founding members Cisco, Cloudera, Illumina, Intel, and Montgomery College — will highlight solutions developed by BCA and Intel that use sensors and wearable devices to collect patient level data.

Global insurers use the platform today to assess wellbeing or to examine the effects of environmental factors on behavior or activity levels on sleep quality.

The IoT is certainly just beginning to make an impact on healthcare, but it’s not too early to expect questions from your clients and to help them consider — and maybe plan — how they will use IoT solutions in the future.