E-Book | January 17, 2018

Your Guide To Generating More Revenue And Making Your Business More Successful

Source: Barracuda MSP

Many MSPs suffer from something I call the “around the corner” mentality. I meet business owners who have been in business for many years. They run a successful company but never really achieve the results they had imagined. They always tell me all the reasons why they haven’t fulfilled their potential and how they believe things will be different soon. They just need to start “working on the business instead of in it,” hire the right sales person, or replace an employee that’s a bad seed.

There always seems to be something that will change everything soon. But when I see them six months or a year later, guess where success is … still around the corner.

I’ve studied this mentality over my 20 years as a business owner and have found one key factor that contributes to it: Things are always great in the future. In the future, you’ll have time to work on the business.

In the future, you’ll focus on sales or spend more time on process. The problem is every business owner is busy in the present. When next week or next month comes along, you’re still just as busy working on urgent things, and the important tasks never get done.

Business owners are hoping to come into work one day and find that there are no emails, no service tickets, and no client issues or employee issues. In my 20 years as a MSP, that day has never come. The first step toward success is to understand this reality and plan for it.

That means if you want to make your MSP more profitable, you need to take action today.