Xstore offers a wide range of services at the point-of-sale while securing your customer's sensitive data and keeping you compliant with industry privacy standards. The intuitive user interface streamlines routine processes, removes conventional keystrokes and enables advanced back office functions. The Java based solution can be cost effectively deployed in virtually any retail environment.

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Datasheet: Xstore

MICROS-Retail Xstore Java POS is an elegantly simple solution, yet ultimately flexible, fast, and powerful. It empowers your associates to process transactions quickly, efficiently respond to inquiries, extend personalized offers based on customer history, and provide the personal touches that maintain your brand and keep you ahead of your competitors. Intuitive and easy to learn, Xstore delivers a high level of automation and boosts productivity on the sales floor and the back office. And with real time connectivity, Xstore links your field operations and back office staff into a single, highly efficient organization.

MICROS-Retail Xstore lets you take advantage of the latest electronic POS technology:

  • Speed POS transactions and authorizations while streamlining paperwork and training
  • Provide more customer services quickly at the register
  • Control costs – handle returns correctly, reduce shrinkage, and save payroll
  • Access data in real-time locally or chain wide
  • Deploy on any platform
  • Modify and scale processes easily

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Datasheet: Xstore