News Feature | January 11, 2016

Will You Sell IT To A CDO This Year?

By Ally Kutz, contributing writer

Will You Sell IT To A CDO This Year?

Filling the position of chief digital officer (CDO) is a growing trend among companies worldwide. A survey by Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consulting company, found that although only 6 percent of companies have a CDO, more will assign the role as digital transformation continues. As you begin to have meetings with CDOs, you could find you need to do some research before you approach a sale with these new decision makers.

Researchers for The 2015 Chief Digital Officer Study found that more than 40 percent of CDOs are members of the C-suite. They come from diverse backgrounds — the most common of which is marketing and sales, followed by technology.

Among the tasks assigned to CDOs are transforming online and mobile interaction to create the best possible consumer experiences, the employee experience, and delivery of products and services.

CDOs could have multiple roles, both within a company and interacting with organizations and people outside the company. Internally, CDOs are collecting and analyzing data, improving efficiency through the use of digital technologies, and transforming organizations in order for their companies to compete in the digital age. Externally, they are improving communication and interaction with customers, partners, and suppliers.

The job description of CDO is new — of the companies surveyed that have CDOs, 36 percent had been appointed within the last year — and probably still evolving. Strategy& points out the CDOs you encounter could have a difficult road ahead. Remember they are challenged to adapt to change, focus on goals as their companies and technology changes. Set out to help them reach their goal of solidly rooting digitization into their organizations’ day –to-day operations.