Why Solutions Providers Should Consider Offering Mobile Messaging — Now

Source: Infinite Convergence
Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson

Mobile Messaging Solution Providers

Business Solutions asked Anurag Lal, CEO at Infinite Convergence, about using mobile messaging for enterprise — and about solutions providers’ opportunities to add mobile messaging to their customers’ solutions.

BSM: What are the main reasons some industries have been slow to adopt mobile messaging?

Lal: In most industries, there are a lot of companies that have a mobile strategy, whether that’s mobile-optimized websites or mobile apps, and they think that’s enough. But what’s missing from those mobile strategies, in many cases, is that they do not cover how to communicate with all customers and employees using one simple tool — they’re missing the mobile messaging aspect. Also, many companies are less intimidated about using tools like email because they are not familiar with the advantages and ease of integration of mobile messaging into their current operations.

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