Guest Column | January 27, 2015

Why Should You And Your IT Customers Be In Compliance?

By Rupesh Kumar, Director, Lepide Software

Regulatory Compliance Elevated Standards

Compliances are playing a big role in today’s industry — and not just for security. The rules and regulations of compliances like PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, etc. let organizations be more responsible when it comes to the handling the data storing the information about their business, operations, products, employees, and consumers. Not only storage, the sharing and treatment guidelines for precious data could be clearly defined using compliances.

Managing Internal Policies

Compliances play an important role in defining internal policies to manage the operations in a business. They are helpful in reducing IT-related frauds. In addition, the policies containing rules of compliances help an organization to boost their product quality and delivery of service, like giving access to consumers for accessing some areas on the server. In fact, compliances let an organization chalk out a plan of how to treat the data of website visitors, product users, consumers, and employees stored on its website. Following such a data treatment plan based on regulatory compliances will strengthen data security.

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