Why IP Video Sells Itself

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson

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Arecont Vision provided information for Business Solutions’ article “IP Video Surveillance 101: Licensing, Certification, and Training.” In addition, Scott Schafer, executive VP of Arecont Vision, commented on why IP video virtually sells itself.

“The prime reason is IP video’s intrinsic ability to network video surveillance systems, which provides overall improvements in performance and functionality,” says Schafer. He adds this contributes to higher ROI with lower TCO (total cost of ownership).

Schafer says implementing megapixel imaging solutions using IP infrastructure means scalable and versatile IP video systems and the ability to deploy more advanced video management system control solutions with advanced analytics.

He adds that cameras are now available in varying resolutions and configurations ranging from 1.3 to 40 megapixels using compression technologies that conserve bandwidth and server-storage requirements. “Additionally, their superior resolution enables wide-area surveillance that can reduce the number of cameras deployed with better image quality resulting in a reduction of equipment costs and manpower versus conventional cameras,” says Schafer.

“The cumulative benefits provided by networked IP video surveillance systems utilizing megapixel cameras present a win-win proposition for both end users and installers,” he says.