Article | January 21, 2014

Why iOS?

Source: APG Cash Drawer, LLC
Revel POS System

By Chris Ciabarra, CTO, Revel Systems, @chrisciabarra

Revel came together in 2010 when I met my co-founder, Lisa Falzone. We wanted to create a solution in the quick service industry that was best of breed. Point of Sale systems, up until that point, were clunky and archaic—and expensive. Lisa and I wanted to create a sleeker, more efficient, and ultimately more economic solution for merchants.

Lisa and I chose the best hardware to create the best company. We landed on the Apple iPad as the ideal platform for our new point of sale software. We then chose Epson for its printers and APG for its cash drawer. At that point, Apple had just released the iPad, and the timing was perfect. Timing was not the only reason we chose the iPad, however—as an expert in data security, I have always viewed iOS as the most secure operating system. I wanted our new product to be the ultimate in security, protecting both our customers and their customers from fraud and data theft.

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