Guest Column | July 25, 2014

Which Backup Solution Is Right For Your Customer?

Dan Tully, executive vice president, Conduit Systems

By Dan Tully, executive vice president, Conduit Systems

For many enterprises, there may be nothing more important than having the right backup solution in place for their data. There are three basic enterprise backup solutions: traditional, cloud, and hybrid. All three have their merits depending on the needs of a company. Some considerations to think about while analyzing what solution is best for your client: what type of data do we need to store? Are we storing the entire data for a corporation or only certain data sets that are constantly changing? These answers can affect the solution you ultimately choose.

Traditional Tape Backup And Records Management

Traditional backup via tape is the decades-old standard and has been a reliable method for some time. The technique is efficient, consistent, and cost-effective. With its long shelf life and low cost, it remains an optimal data backup solution. Knowing exactly where your data is stored is another positive aspect. But with reliability comes the risk of latency. Data placed on tapes is slower to retrieve compared to more modern, digital solutions and it can have a high impact on network bandwidth. For companies that are storing and recovering a lot of data quickly, it may not be the best fit. For a company that needs to store large data sets without the need to frequently access them, tape backup can be a dependable option.

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