Magazine Article | December 15, 2010

Where Is The Business Value With Unified Communications?

By Ernie Wallerstein Jr., Zeacom

When working with VARs, it is critical for vendors to provide every possible resource with which their partners can close deals and sell products or services. It's no secret that the most effective sales drivers for channel partners are powerful products coupled with a methodical sales approach, planning, and exceptional service and support. However, in today's evolving global market — where new buzzwords pop up daily — a VAR's ability to communicate a solution's core competencies and ROI in 60 seconds or less — without a reference dictionary of acronyms — is also critical. Consider the business case for unified communications (UC). While a very chic term, UC is more than just another vogue buzzword. Within the context of a customer's contact or call center, it's clear how this technology can create a communications environment that enables effective collaboration, streamlined operations, and automated business processes.