What Will The Future Of Healthcare Look Like With 3D Printing— And For The VARs Who Sell 3D Printing?

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson

VAR 3D Printing

Richard Jelesky, business development manager for ScanSource, discussed the impact 3D printing is having on healthcare — and healthcare VARs — in an exclusive interview with Business Solutions president Jim Roddy at the Smart VAR Healthcare Summit.

Jelesky said 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is used now in healthcare for modeling and for education, but he pointed out the industry is testing 3D printing for other uses, such as enhancing joint replacement surgery. In hip replacement surgery, a surgeon now has several devices to choose from, making the best choice of those available for each patient. In the future, a surgeon will have the ability to scan the patient’s hip, create a file, and print a replacement joint that’s a perfect fit for the patient.

“In the healthcare world, it’s just growing tremendously, and the opportunities for VARs are out there,” Jelesky commented.

Roddy said some VARs without experience selling 3D printing may be reluctant to consider adding it to their offerings, with concerns over extensive training and effort to integrate it into their businesses. 

Jelesky responded that ScanSource 3D helps educate and train resellers, as well as helps them understand the process necessary to sell and deploy 3D printing solutions.

He also mentioned that there is an abundance of information available for VARs who are considering selling 3D printing: “There is a plethora of articles in the healthcare market as well as in the manufacturing market, on additive manufacturing.”

Roddy asked where 3D printing is making inroads with the channel.

“With resellers looking to diversify — with VARs who ask ‘what’s next?’” Jelesky replied.

“That’s exactly what ScanSource did.  We listened to our resellers, and we asked, ‘What’s next?’ We did an exhaustive research study that found 3D printing — additive manufacturing — is the next step,” he said. “We’ve done a lot of that research to help VARs move forward.  We’re bringing that knowledge to VARs and helping them to be more successful.”

The Aug. 11 Smart VAR Healthcare Summit was held at the Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel. Smart VAR Healthcare Summits, powered by ScanSource and Business Solutions, are sponsored by: Honeywell, Datalogic, and Zebra.