What Vertical Communications Wants The Channel To Know About Its Merger With Fulton Communications

Source: Vertical Communications
Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson

Vertical Communications merger

Vertical Communications has merged with Fulton Communications. The merger is a little unusual due to the fact that Fulton Communications had been a top-performing Vertical Communications partner, selling in 25 metro markets.

According to Vertical Communications CEO, Peter Bailey, one goal of the merger was growth: “We want market coverage. The merger allowed us to leap frog.”

The new company will operate as Vertical Communications, with Fulton continuing to operate under its existing brand during a transition period. Vertical will continue to sell and support Fulton’s existing multi-vendor product portfolio. The company as a whole will serve customers through both direct and channel sales and service.

So, how will a part-direct-sales, part-channel-sales model work?

Bailey says it already is working.

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