Guest Column | August 14, 2014

What To Look For When Selecting A Bar Code Printer

Laurel Ciliberti, Marcom and Channel Marketing Manager, SATO

By Laurel Ciliberti, Marcom and Channel Marketing Manager, SATO

Laurel Ciliberti, Marcom and Channel Marketing Manager, SATO

It is commonly known that bar code printers with extensive features and functionalities are available now. However, if you haven’t been in the market for a while, you may be surprised at the extent of recent enhancements and how reasonably priced these models are. A myriad of elements, designed to improve the operator experience, simplifying the use of the printer, and making maintenance relatively easy, are now standard.

When researching bar code printer options, you should be educated on the ABC’s of bar code grading, know the difference between direct thermal and thermal transfer, and be aware of the advertised speeds and feeds of the assorted makes and models offered. What separates the standard from the exceptional are the set of features now engineered specifically for the main stakeholder, the printer operator. 

Things To Consider

Concern: Is the screen easy to read from a distance or in low light?
Considerations: A large majority of thermal bar code printers are installed in a warehouse environment. If a printer’s display is difficult to read, with small, monochromatic icons, the operator may have trouble determining the printer’s status from any distance. Configuring the printer’s initial set up or any subsequent changes might be more time consuming than is desirable if the operator menu is hard to read.

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