Magazine Article | June 25, 2012

What To Look For In An Out-Of-Scope Integrated Payment Solution

By Business Solutions magazine

Answers for POS developers looking for more than a single-processor solution.

What is Out-of-Scope?
As of July 2010, the PCI council requires that all point of sale software packages with payment applications must comply with the Payment Application Data Security Standard in order to market their POS solutions. Merchants who utilize non-compliant POS solutions may be subject to considerable fines for data breaches, which are often brought to the doorstep of the POS vendor via litigation.

Simply put, a POS solution with an “Out-of-Scope” payment interface must not come into contact with cardholder data at any point in the transaction flow. If the POS package is no longer “payment aware”, then PA-DSS simply does not apply. Some POS developers may still want to be listed on the validated payment applications list for marketing purposes. Utilizing an OOS solut ion signi f icantly simplifies the validation process. Of course, merchants must still operate their businesses in a PCI compliant manner regardless of the POS application.

What should POS Developers look for in an OOS Solution?
Adaptability and Scalability. Beyond the obvious cost savings from removing the need for PA-DSS audits and on-going PCI listing fees, POS developers should utilize a new payment integration as an opportunity to improve their overall offering. Many Out-of-Scope solutions offered through payment processors force a single payment processing relationship and limit POS peripherals, often to a single device. While these processor-supplied OOS solutions may fit the needs of some merchants, many will go elsewhere to find a solution that’s better tailored to their needs. An OOS payment integration that limits payment processor options and peripheral hardware may be a quick fix that in turn causes a larger problem by hamstringing go-forward POS sales.

What Differentiates the Datacap Solution?
One Interface, Every Payment Processor (scalability)
Unlike other OOS solutions that lock the POS application into a specific payment processing relationship, Datacap’s OOS interface allows the POS application to utilize any major payment processor in North America. This substantially increases the POS vendor’s ability to accommodate their merchant’s preferred or existing processor relationships, creating more systems sales opportunities.

Variety of Card Entry Devices (adaptability)
Datacap’s Out-of-Scope solution is compatible with a continuously expanding number of card-entry devices designed to fit a variety of market segments, allowing POS vendors to easily adapt to individual customer requirements. Choose between cashier-based MSRs, customer-facing, MSR/PIN pad combinations, contactless readers, and a litany of standard or encrypted MSRs used in popular touchscreen hardware from leading manufacturers. POS Developers can now remove the potential liability that goes hand in hand with the storage and transmission of sensitive cardholder data, without being forced to compromise the user experience.

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