Podcast | May 26, 2010

What In The Healthcare Is Going On?

Source: SATO America

Gary Krause, Director of Marketing for SATO America, talks with Jameson Publishing and Health IT Outcomes President Jim Roddy in this exclusive Executive-To-Executive interview. In this interview, Krause provides his perspective on the current hot trends in healthcare IT, predicts the near-term future of healthcare IT, and recommends action steps for healthcare end users and VARs.

"(Healthcare facilities should) align themselves with systems integrators that understand the solutions that are available to them," Krause said. "(VARs) that have maybe not the firsthand experience over many, many years but have a relationship with manufacturers like SATO, like Motorola and others that can bring the solution bundled in and that will support the solution not only in the installation process. But let's back all the way out when we talk about meetings with risk management and with the directors of nursing and with other people that are part of the bar code team as we call them, that can step all the way through that and help them all the way to installation and after installation servicing."