Guest Column | March 14, 2016

What I Learned From Working In Failed Platforms

Working In Failed Platforms

By Brian Rinaldi

Recently, Adobe announced the end of Flash (sort of), as well as the end of their Edge tools and services. This marked a milestone of sorts for me — the end of a number of products that played important roles in my career.

This presented an ideal opportunity to discuss the often hard-learned lessons experiences like these have taught me about the most important skill a developer can have to thrive in this industry — adaptability.

As developers, we’re a passionate bunch, and as a group, we’re much more intense about our work than the average person. This passion is part of what makes the developer community so exciting, but it also can lead to a belief that my platform is the best platform. But what happens when this all goes south and the technology (or technologies) that you’ve tied your career to, your title to, and perhaps even part of your identity to, suddenly becomes inviable?

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