Guest Column | June 11, 2013

What Every VAR Ought To Know About Workforce Management

CEA Publishes Accessibility Resource Center

A Q&A With Peter DiMaria, CEO, Accu-Time Systems

1.) Assuming a VAR is the go-to solutions provider for a customer's technology needs in everything other than WFM, how easy is it for them to learn the nuances of WFM technology?   

As the saying goes….”If it were easy everyone would be doing it.”  But that doesn’t mean don’t do it. The rewards can be huge if a VAR is willing to spend the time needed to understand workforce management applications.  For those who already sell ERP, shop floor data collection, or physical and intellectual access control solutions the leap can be easier than for others.  VARs who already know the benefit and pay back from these applications can more easily envision WFM working for their clients.  The best place to look is at a WFM company whose products are designed to be sold by a VAR.

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