Guest Column | December 12, 2014

What Every IT Solutions Provider Needs To Know About Cybersecurity

By Francis Turner, VP Product Management & OEM, ThreatSTOP

First Data Symposium Cybersecurity

Most organizations have taken steps to prevent malware and other communications to and from unauthorized sources to mitigate leaks and breaches … but yet, breaches and breakdowns in security continue to occur on a grand scale; even to the largest, most respected institutions.

You can blame an employee for clicking on a suspect link or visiting dubious websites. You can look at an aging technical infrastructure. You might even think security solutions over-promise and under-deliver.  Despite the cause, the result is clear: a single layer solution is no longer adequate. Security guru Eugene Kaspersky agrees: “The single-layer signature-based virus scanning is nowhere near a sufficient degree of protection - not for individuals, not for organizations large or small.” As a solution provider, this creates an opportunity to mix and match complimentary solutions that create broader coverage, improve real-time performance, and provide greater value for clients.

It’s Not An “Either/Or” Proposition Anymore

A company can create a metaphoric security castle with great walls, a moat, and archers on the parapets, but if it leaves the underground tunnel unguarded, problems will continue to occur. How many solutions developers allude that their brands eliminate the issues entirely? Yes, there are successes, and yes, there are effective methods (and products), but time and again, we can’t find a singular solution that addresses the wide variety of security issues.

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