Article | September 27, 2011

What Does Your Cloud Solution Say About You?

Posted by Carla Leininger, Zenith Infotech

If you are most like other professionals in the IT arena, you have certainly been caught up in all the hype about cloud solutions and the various cloud vendors. As alluring and thought provoking as the benefits might seem, you still need to deploy a solution that really speaks about the unique individual that you are. What should your cloud solution really say about you? Read on before you begin your cloud vendor quest.

You are the serious and reserved type. You may not call your friends and share all the news about your current events, but you can be counted on to interact intellectually at any party conversation and keep the festivities going without ever divulging your private life.

With the private cloud, gone are the issues of data control and security because the data resides within the client's network. The same holds true for bandwidth concerns. Since the data and all the computing resources remain within the network walls, the client will not be subject to performance slowdowns resulting from traffic bottlenecking in the public cloud. Clients love the cost-effective and scalable benefits of having their private clouds deployed within the security of their own offices while retaining complete control over their information.

You are the one who aims to spread beyond the limits of your known abilities. One day you are learning to scuba dive, next month you are taking a foreign language course. Nothing comes between you and your pursuit of higher aspirations.

Only a few cloud solutions support virtual workloads that allow your cloud server resources to be spread across multiple independent operating systems. Each operating system takes advantage of free system resources optimizing hardware utilization. Once virtualization takes place, CPU, memory and storage resources are allocated to each virtual workload. These resources can be expanded as requirements change.

Some people call you a "Jack of all trades". Others think you are compulsively obsessive. The truth is, you are just a guy who likes to be industrious because it makes you feel good. Whether you are building a new deck at home and working on your car engine in the garage, your skills scale as your needs vary and you can't seem to get enough hours in your day.

You will want a cloud solution designed to allow multiple cloud servers to be added at any time. The cloud file system simply adds the storage to the available pool. The ability to scale allows your cloud enivonment to grow as your needs grow thus extending the hardware lifecycle of all the cloud servers. Simply add in more cloud servers for more processing and RAM resources or to add to the storage pool and your cloud will be as industrious as you.

You are no stooge, but you manage your finances like none of your friends! In fact, your ability to make solid financial decisions is the reason why you seem to attract more friends than you need. Everyone wants to rely on your sound advice and follow your investment leads.

You will want a cloud solution priced aggressively in order to create revenue opportunities. You want vendor partners that offer the flexibility to select the best option to fit your pricing structure. Whether you select purchase, rental, or leasing, you shouldn't need to break your budget.