What Channel Members Had To Say About The N-able Partner Summit

Education IT News For VARs — November 26, 2014

The channel had some interesting takeaways from N-able’s Global Partner Summit October 23-25, 2013 in Scottsdale, AZ. Here’s a sampling of what attendees posted on Twitter.

ChannelPR: Mike Cullen "We'll see more change in this industry in the next 2 years vs. the last 15," @NableMSP #Nable2013 pic.twitter.com/uPJydTJEY9

ChannelPR: You can’t avoid the cloud forever - customers are starting to understand the advantages of cloud & demand it, says Mike Cullen #Nable2013

NableMSP: Get away from per device — move to per user, says Mike Cullen #Nable2013

NableMSP: IT Automation is the only way you absorb the margin pressures being put on your business- Automate your services, says Mike Cullen #Nable2013

Bobbysamai: The MSP of the future is going to embrace #cloud and #automation Mike Cullen #Nable2013

ChannelPR: "Help your customers reduce their risk; educate them that IT isn't an expense, it's an investment," Sean V Blue Wave #Nable2013

ChannelPR: Be sure to hire a salesforce that understands the business of IT says @BlueWaveComp #Nable2013

NableMSP: @solarwinds CEO “SMBs are adopting technology faster than enterprises” #Nable2013 #sales

coldcallcarrie: David Weeks of @NableMSP speaks to the value of lead generation for MSPs #Nable2-13 pic.twitter.com/xfbkKbk04a

coldcallcarrie: Referrals are a compliment, not a lead generation strategy — David Weeks @NableMSP #Nable2013

coldcallcarrie:You will never sell through social media - it will only create brand awareness - David Weeks @NableMSP #Nable2013

coldcallcarrie: Your biggest competitor is the “parking lot” — where deals go to die @NableMSP #Nable2013

monocello: Awesome to see MSPs giving product engineers priceless usability feedback on N-central at #Nable 2013. Listening to your partners = A+

coldcallcarrie: Total revenues for cloud: 15.7 billion -up 37 percent from last year. Says @mspmentor @joepanettieri @NableMSP #Nable2013

ChannelPR: “Cloud price wars don’t exist —it’s a predictable price cut” says @joepanettieri #Nable2013 #cloud

ElevatedTech: Office 365: More than 30% of MSPs are using 365. You have to sell your service. #Nable2013