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The first DNS protection service to truly combine privacy and security for cyber resilience.

A fully managed DNS security solution is an essential layer of every organization’s cyber resilience strategy and is fundamental for ensuring the security and privacy of your internet connectivity. As more traffic is encrypted over HTTPS, firewalls lose the ability to inspect this communication, raising the need to manage these connections as they are created. Furthermore, applications are increasingly managing DNS requests directly, rather than using the DNS servers configured on the system.

DNS requests are increasingly targeted by malicious actors because the content of each request is visible, and the integrity of the request can be compromised. Not only can DNS requests reveal what applications are in use, they also show which websites are visited, all in clear text.

As a result, organizations have realized how important it is to their security and privacy to use DNS-layer protection to secure their networks and individual users. When state actors use DNS request logs to prosecute citizens, or internet use is profiled for analytics or targeted advertising, it’s clear why DNS is evolving to use the encryption with DNS over HTTPS (DoH).

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