Guest Column | October 24, 2013

4 Ways to Get an "A": Automate Workflow Processing For Education

By Ray Emirzian, Vice President of Operations & Product Management, docSTAR

Raise your hand if you were the teacher’s pet. If you literally just raised your hand, congratulations! Award yourself three brownie points. Now hands down.

Let’s face it; the student who constantly offers to help the teacher is not the most popular kid in class. However, when it comes to providing IT assistance in higher education, teachers and administrators appreciate all the help they can get. Think of workflow automation software as the teacher’s pet for education. Automation helps to remove the burden of tedious document routing so that teachers and administrators can focus on higher value tasks. In other words, automation helps to improve the overall quality of student services. Here is a list of 4 ways automated workflow processing earns an “A.”

1. Reduced Costs. As administrative costs continue to increase, the resources allocated to data and document management must be reduced. Many school records must be maintained indefinitely, which involves personnel, time, and storage space.

Pop Quiz: On average, how much paper is stored in a four-drawer filing cabinet?

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