Guest Column | September 5, 2014

5 Ways Great MSPs Automate Their Managed Services Practices

By David Weeks, Channel Strategy Manager, N-able by SolarWinds

Whether a reseller or managed services provider (MSP) is big or small, new or mature, the question of automation is on everybody’s mind today. As an IT services provider, there are no doubt hundreds of tasks you can be automating for your clients. But beyond the technology, it is important to look at automation as a best practice for your business — a driver for growth and profitability. What’s more, automaton unlocks the key to allowing you to root your business deeply within client processes so that it’s difficult for another MSP to walk in off the street and undercut you.

The exact automation needs of each IT service provider are going to vary, but read below to find out five ways the most successful MSPs use automation to achieve success:

  1. Automate Repetitive Tasks. Maintenance can consume a significant amount of technician time, and that’s why every MSP should be focusing on how to automate as many day-to-day maintenance tasks as they can. As a general rule, if you are doing something repetitive — something with a similar set of steps on a recurring basis — then it is something you should be automating. This includes preventative maintenance such as desktop cleanup [temporary files, flush domain name system (DNS), etc.] or database table maintenance and cleanup. Many MSPs are still attacking these tasks manually and, for better profitability and time management, should instead focus on important service calls or higher value projects.

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