Datasheet | November 25, 2009

Datasheet: WatchGuard® XTM 8 Series

A new class of performance-driven security. Ideal for main offices/headquarters with up to 5,000 users, the WatchGuard XTM 8 Series has up to 5 Gbps firewall throughput, ten 1-Gb interfaces, and XTM-class security features including full HTTPS inspection, optional URL filtering, anti-spam, anti-virus, and intrusion prevention – no need to compromise on security to meet increasing network demands. Flexible, centralized management tools allow administrators access from one intuitive console or a scriptable CLI, and include real-time monitoring and rich reporting. High availability (active/active), multi-WAN, server load balancing, and VLAN can be configured to ensure maximum uptime.

An all-in-one XTM network security solution integrates complete protection while slashing the time and cost associated with managing multiple single-point security products. All security capabilities work together for a holistic, comprehensive approach to network security. Your IT sta has more time to focus on other areas of network administration, and your business saves money on support and hardware costs.