White Paper

VMware Backup Best Practices

Source: Promark Technology

Although tape has been the medium of choice for generations of IT systems, it's not necessarily the best medium for virtual machine backups. The infrastructure and components in today's virtual environments allow VMware administrators to craft a solid yet adaptive data protection strategy. For many environments, a disk-based system is the medium of choice for data protection.

A disk-based backup system for virtual machines needs to have a winning combination of the most efficient backup solution and a disk system optimized to receive its backups. Furthermore, off-site data protection and disaster recovery (DR) requirements should be easily met in a way that meets or exceeds the capabilities of legacy backup targets, such as tape.

But perhaps the most critical indicator of any comprehensive approach to data protection is the collection of features and the performance characteristics related to restore tasks. Not all deduplication strategies are created equal, and the ability to read the most recent backup with the highest performance is critical.

This whitepaper will show how Veeam Backup & Replication along with the ExaGrid series of disk backup appliances delivers a solid data protection solution for VMware environments with advanced deduplication and data replication for off-site protection.