Download | September 19, 2013

Vivotek FE8172: 360-Degree IP Camera Product Review

Vivotek FE8172

One of the cameras we wanted to test came from Vivotek. To test its FE8172, we used Wavestore VMS as our software platform due to the software’s ability to de-warp 360-degree camera video. Following are the results of our tests.

Edge Storage

Many IP video cameras have followed the lead of cell phone and digital photography cameras by adding memory card slots. Indeed, all of the cameras we reviewed have a memory card slot. Additionally, many IP video cameras also have mini computers on board with integrated DVR and video management capabilities. The Vivotek FE8172 has such functionality. The combination of these technologies means video footage can be recorded directly to the onboard storage and accessed and viewed when connected to the camera by typing the camera’s IP address into a Web browser. No need for external storage, DVR, or video management software (and the costs associated with each!). Another benefit of using the edge storage is that bandwidth requirements on the network become nonexistent because there’s no video data traveling to a DVR or storage.

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